Terms & Conditions

All information submitted on this new customer application is for the purpose of B&B Propane to establish applicant(s) as a new customer(s) and grant credit to applicant(s). Accepting applicant(s) as a new customer(s) and extending credit is based in part on the information provided on the new customer application, in addition to other factors such as applicant’s credit report(s), any prior business with applicant(s), previous supplier information, applicant(s) needing tank(s) set or equipment provided, time of year, and any/all other information obtained by B&B Propane. Nothing herein shall obligate B&B Propane to grant credit or establish an account with applicant(s). B&B Propane may at anytime refuse to establish an account, grant credit to applicant(s), or condition the granting of credit. B&B Propane may at anytime obtain additional credit reports on applicant(s). Applicant and any Co-Applicant(s) jointly and unconditionally guarantee payment when due to B&B Propane of any kind and all present and future indebtedness to B&B Propane. B&B Propane may at anytime contact all persons listed on application including as means to collect any debt owed by applicant(s).

All sales are payment obligations. Invoices are due on or before 30 days from delivery or billed date unless other terms have been established by a signed program pricing contract and agreed upon by both parties. Invoices and charges not paid on or before the due date are considered delinquent. Delinquent invoices and charges will be assessed finance charges equivalent to 1.75% monthly, or 21% annually (or maximum legal amount). Delinquent accounts are not eligible for deliveries and all pending deliveries will be cancelled regardless of household status, weather temperatures, or previous arrangements until delinquent amounts on account are paid current and arrangements for future deliveries are accepted by both parties. Applicant(s) may at anytime obtain a copy of B&B Propane’s Credit Terms & Delivery Policy brochure which details delivery and credit requirements and guidelines to assist applicant(s) in managing their account. Any disputes must be reported to B&B Propane within 30 days of when the disputed transaction occurred. If not reported within 30 days, transaction is considered complete, valid, and due in full to B&B Propane. If a dispute is reported, B&B Propane will provide applicant(s) with proper documentation of the delivery or charge in question within 30 days of the reported dispute.

This agreement shall be constructed and performed in accordance with the laws in the state of Iowa. The parties here to knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally waive the right to a jury trial on any issues or disputes that may arise between them. In the event it becomes necessary for B&B Propane to obtain the services of a collection agency or attorney, applicant(s) promises and agrees to pay B&B Propane all fees and costs associated with such collection efforts including reasonable attorney’s fees. B&B Propane reserves the right to change its fees, rates, and charges from time to time without prior notice. Applicant(s) agree to grant B&B Propane employees permission to enter on any of applicant(s) owned, rented, or occupied residences and properties.

We can accept late or partial payments, as well as payments marked “paid in full” or with other restrictive endorsements, without losing any of our rights under this agreement.

Applicant(s) represents that it is familiar with the characteristics, qualities, and proper uses of propane and upon becoming a new B&B Propane customer will be provided with a scented safety brochure from B&B Propane outlining the precautions, warnings, and also smell of propane for their safety. It is the responsibility of applicant(s) to inquire if unfamiliar with the characteristics, qualities, or proper uses of propane or fail to receive a scented safety brochure. Applicant(s) shall indemnify and hold B&B Propane harmless from all claims arising from any damages because applicant(s) allegedly possessed lack of knowledge in any or all of the above mentioned safety areas or failed to receive or obtain a safety brochure.

Applicant(s) shall indemnify and hold B&B Propane, its owners, agents, terminals, suppliers, and their employees harmless from and against all claims, loss, liability, and expenses (including but not limited to reasonable attorney’s fees and litigation or investigation costs) arising out of any damage to any property or injury or death of persons or animals (including applicant(s), employees of applicant(s), family, neighbors, or any indoor or outdoor pets) including damages occurring because product was not delivered or service was disconnected due to applicant(s) delinquent account. Applicant(s) shall indemnify and hold B&B Propane harmless from and against all claims arising out of applicant(s)’s handling, storage, use or disposal of the product or any parts and materials directly related to the use of the product (including but not limited to regulators, fittings, piping, gauges, and all other materials needed to place the tank and system in use) or any other occurrence arising from applicant whether or not such damage to property or injury or death is or is alleged to be caused in whole or in part by any negligence of B&B Propane. B&B Propane shall not be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages (such as but not limited to, loss of profit or revenue or business interruptions or failure) resulting from any breach of its obligations under this agreement.

Applicant(s) knowingly assumes all risk of sending personal information, including social security number(s). Applicant(s) agree they understand B&B Propane has appropriate internal security and takes every precaution in the protection of its customer’s personal information. If submitting this application by e-mail or fax, applicant(s) recognize B&B Propane has appropriate enforced internet security and is not liable for submission of application to wrong e-mail addresses or fax numbers. In the case of any security breach, applicant(s) agree to indemnify and hold B&B Propane harmless from and against all claims, loss, and liability if personal information listed on application is obtained or used by outside sources. B&B Propane does not share or sell customer information to outside sources unrelated to the company.

By execution of this agreement and/or the use of this account, applicant(s) accepts these terms and conditions.