We offer several convenient cost saving Contract Pricing Programs that can meet your propane needs for the season. Our programs lock in your pricing and gallons for the season and your tank is placed on our Worry Free delivery option. Eliminating the worries and hassels of watching the tank.


Prepay Program

This program offers our best program price and eliminates worry for the entire propane season. This program is for customers who want to take advantage of locking in the best price and paying in advance for their propane gallons. Let us take care of you for the next season with our automatic Worry Free deliveries and with prepayment on your account,  you don’t have to worry about the delivery bills!

Smart Pay Budget Program.
This is our most popular, fastest growing program. This program is designed for our customers who want to lock in great pricing for the next season and offers monthly payments. No large delivery amounts are due at once. Your monthly payment is calculated on your estimated propane usage and  you are on a Worry Free delivery option. An automatic ACH payment option is available and you can relax knowing we’ll take care of you the entire season.

Bid and Commitment Program.
This program is for our customers using 2,000 gallons or more during a season. This program allows our larger users to contract their usage in advance by locking in pricing, making the uncertainty of the market obsolete. By signing up and submitting the 15¢ per gallon down payment, you know there will be no surprises throughout the year.

Our Program availability is limited so please be sure to inquire if any are currently available. We can place you on our mailing list for the next season if our programs are not available.

Non-Program Options
For customers not enrolled in a Contract Pricing Program and are set up as a ‘Net 30’ account, you can take a 10¢ per gallon discount if the delivery is paid in full within 10 days of date of delivery. The discounted amount to submit will be printed at the bottom of the delivery ticket.  If you elect not to pay within 10 days, your delivery invoice  is due in full within 30 days of the delivery at the non-discounted total on your invoice.